Friday, May 31, 2013


Once upon a time, not too many years ago actually, I was overcome by a nagging feeling of emptiness.  For the life of me I could not figure out why I felt so empty, so blah.  My life was great!  Married to my best friend,  two happy, healthy, awesome kids, working my dream job of keeper of the house.  So what was the problem?

Well, after giving it much thought, I decided that I needed to organize my kitchen.  After everything had a proper place, life would be so much easier.  No more digging around for stuff.  I could even start baking!  That's what my problem must be.  After several days of arranging, throwing away, donating, and rearranging I found myself with a properly organized kitchen including a baking zone.  But the empty feeling persisted.  No, an organized kitchen is not what I needed.

After giving it some more thought I figured out what was lacking.  Highlights!  Yes that's it!  If I get my hair highlighted, cover up some of the gray, I will feel much better about myself and the empty feeling will be gone.  Right?  Wrong.  $100 later I walked out of the salon with different hair and the same feelings.

What to do?  Soon after, I read the blog of a "tastemaker" that declared that colorful walls are out and white walls are in!  When I read that,  I knew without a doubt that my red dining room was the root of all my problems.  After months of my tireless husband removing wallpaper,  the walls were painted white and I waited for my transformation.  Nothing.  Still empty.

Another month of feeling apathetic passed by and I knew what I had to do.  I needed to buy a new purse.  Something high quality in a bright,  fun color.  Yep, that would make me very happy.  At first the purse did make me happy.  It was bright and  shiny and new.  I could carry a lot of stuff in it, plus it had a little pocket for my keys that I was always losing. But as the months wore on, it became a metaphor for myself.  Dull and imperfect on the outside and full of junk on the inside.  The purse wasn't the answer.

During this time, for one reason or another, our family ended up at church, where we had not been for a long time.  It was then that I found it!  I found what I was looking for!  It wasn't a place that I needed.  It wasn't an it.  It was a WHO!  It was Jesus!  A relationship with Jesus is what filled that empty spot in my soul.

I could have kept searching for things to fill that void and I would have never, ever found it.  No amount of shopping, cleaning, painting or makeovers can fill you up.   If you are feeling empty stop searching for IT, and search for WHO.    Jesus has great plans for you and feeling empty is not part of those plans.  Find Jesus and he will show you the path for your life! 

Not sure how to start a relationship with Jesus?  Go here.

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